Sausage Feet, Aspirations, and the No Men

September 29, 2010

I still haven’t managed to get myself on the schedule of posting that I aspire to. Last weekend was the 50 Mile Multiple Sclerosis Walk, which is an excellent excuse for not having time to write. Still an excuse, though. Priorities are priorities, and I just need to keep reminding myself of what my priorities are and chose to take action steps, rather than procrastinating and seeking out distractions. I will, eventually. : )

Ok well I guess I’m doing it right now, since I AM going to post this today. Woo hoo!

Back to the MS Walk – it was awesome, painful, hilarious, heart-warming, and tear-jerking.

At the starting line of the 3-day, 50 mile Multiple Sclerosis Walk.

Three days later my feet are finally starting to look less like over-plump sausages and more like feet. My mom walked all 50 miles, with nary a blister or complaint, as she does. I reminded myself during the walk that I would only feel pain and discomfort for a few days; people with MS often have to live with pain and discomfort non-stop, for the rest of their lives. I’m often cognizant of and grateful for the fact that I really don’t have much physical pain. Who knows when that gift might be taken away from me; I try to savor how good I feel in my body every time I think of it.

Jumping to an unrelated topic, I just finished reading No Impact Man. It’s now one of my favorite books. I not only love what he challenged himself (and his family) to do for a year, I love all of the thoughts and insights he shares in between the details of living as he did. Many of his questions and lines of reasoning mirrored thoughts that I’ve had, and thought about blogging about, but hadn’t put into words yet. I think I’ll pull some quotes out of his book as a jumping-off point.

Another reason I love No Impact Man is that I’ve been doing a bunch of little challenges this year, and while I haven’t yet been disciplined enough to record any of my challenge experiences on a day-to-day basis for you in this blog, I have given a lot of thought to a question I’ve been repeatedly asked over the past nine months – WHY. People always ask me WHY when I’m doing a challenge. I’ve scribbled notes for blog drafts but haven’t posted my answer to that question. Mostly, it’s about experimenting with my own life, breaking habits, and taking an honest re-evaluation about what is and is not important, what is and is not necessary, what does and does not make me happier. It’s about pulling down habitual action and auto-pilot living and replacing it with choice. So, my main answer to the WHYS is because I can, and because I choose to. No Impact Man makes some good points about the WHYS.

P.S. While I do like my Kindle and its conveniences, I don’t think any invention will ever beat a good old book. The tactility, your ability to dog ear pages to return to, and flip through the pages when you need a reminder – it’s just not the same with a Kindle.

Today I came across another Challenge-taker: Rolf Potts is travelling around the world with NO LUGGAGE. Awesome. I hate checking luggage. I’m an aspiring minimalist (just don’t look in my closet…or the garage…or my storage unit…) and an aspiring vagabonder, and an aspiring writer, so I love reading his blog.

Aspire. Let’s look at that word for a moment.

When I see “aspire” I think inspire, respiration, and spires that reach up toward the sky. I can’t help but think it’s somewhat related to meditation; respiration, the intake and expellation of air, connecting with your highest self, and spiraling up towards that, one step at a time. These people who inspire me put, to use the cheesy metaphor, wind beneath my wings. They fan the flames of my desire to be a better version of myself, through my conscious choices and actions, and the authentic expression of what I know to be true for me.

Definition of ASPIRE

1: to seek to attain or accomplish a particular goal 2: ascend, soar

Origin of ASPIRE: Middle English, from Middle French or Latin; Middle Frenchaspirer, from Latin aspirare, literally, to breathe upon, fromad-spirare to breathe

So those are a few of the things I’ve been thinking about today. On your way out, check out this beautiful song (partly by the Bon Iver guy). Aspirational (definition #2) and inspirational.


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