If sugar’s so bad, why’s it gotta taste so good?

July 30, 2010

I am a curious girl, and one of my many areas of interest is Health.

Check out this video by David Servan-Shreiber, a physician and neuroscientist. You can look up his credentials on Wiki – he’s no quack.

He says that sugar may be one of the main causes of cancer increases in our country – cancer can’t feed on anything but raw sugar.

It also causes inflammation.

I’ve talked about Ayurveda before, and combating inflammation is one of the main tenants of Ayurveda – eating foods that don’t cause inflammation, and keeping your body in balance.

I’m a total sugar junkie, but after giving up refined sugar for a month, I DID feel tons better, and looked better too – sugar dehydrates you, so when I gave up sugar  and alcohol and caffeine for a few weeks, my skin looked amazing.

My Ayurvedic doc told me to walk 20-30 minutes every evening after dinner. Servan-Shreiber says to do the same thing. It turns out a 30 minute walk a day can save you $50,000 – one of the top anti-cancer drugs reduces risk of relapse by 50%, for the price of $50,000/year. 30 minutes of walking a day also reduces risk of relapse by 50%… and it’s f#&%ing FREE!

He also discusses cell phones – most of the current studies on cell phone radiation are under 10 years. If you study smokers for 10 years, there’s no sign of lung cancer either. It takes 20-30 years to develop lung cancer. The same could be true of cell phones.

Anyways, who knows if he’s right about sugar, or walking, or cell phones. It’s interesting to think about though…


One Response to “If sugar’s so bad, why’s it gotta taste so good?”

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