I want a Tree Boat House.

July 22, 2010

Two of my favorite things are Tree Houses and Boats. Today I had a flash of genius: combine the two!!!

Here’s how I came up with this:

I was walking through my neighborhood this morning, smelling roses and listening to one of Brian Johnson’s Philosophers Notes (specifically, one on Robin Sharma’s book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari). I was also dreaming about the tree house I will eventually live in.

I got home and saw that an architect friend (who, according to my plan, will someday help me design and build said tree house) had serendipitously sent me this photo, with the caption: “I found you a nice sturdy tree house.”

Shanty town in the trees.

Then on Facebook, I saw that a chef friend had posted the picture below:

I'm guessing we'd serve a lot of seafood...and coconut dishes.

So, envisioning my ideal life, I saw myself running this restaurant with my chef friend, while living in a tree house overhead (or at least nearby).

Of course, the shantytown-looking tree houses above wouldn’t work in a tropical area that is prone to hurricanes. Hence the Tree House Boat concept was born. A tree house made out of an actual boat that has been hoisted into a tree!  So if it falls out of the tree in one of the aforementioned hurricanes and lands in the ocean, no problem!!!

Wouldn't you feel safer living in this if it were a boat?

The closest thing I could find to a currently-existing Tree Boat House was this:

An attempt at a Tree Boat House. Nice try.

That, however, is not a real boat.

It would be pretty cool if I could get something like the boat below into a tree, though it looks a bit  fragile to survive a fall into the ocean:

Trees are made out of wood. Boats are made out of wood, too...The combination just makes sense.

Though one of these pods looks like it would float:

Will roll AND float.

And, lastly, here’s a Tree Submarine House option:

Wouldn't you feel safer living in this if it were over water?

I’d have to make sure the glass is shatter-proof.

“Remember, every great leader (or visionary or brave thinker) was initially laughed at. Now they are revered.”

-Robin Sharma


8 Responses to “I want a Tree Boat House.”

  1. Tarah said

    I love it! These pictures remind me of something out of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen… and I can absolutely see you in tree house boat…or…tree boat house. Either way, magical! When I was driving yesterday, just down the street from my apartment, I noticed two really interesting tree houses built in two trees right next to each other. The tree houses were circular, like barrels… and today I read this.

    I cannot wait for the tree-house-boat warming party!

    • lunasealife said

      Ooo I want to come and see the barrel tree houses!!!

      Barrels would float if they fell into the ocean!

      I wonder if we brought some wine over & asked, if the owners would let us sit in the tree houses and drink wine. I think a person having a tree house on their property is a good indication that they’re pretty cool.

  2. Torin said

    I loved this post, made me think about this post awhile back that made me want a tree house. http://dornob.com/design/architecture/tree-houses/

  3. Now i can say i’ve seen it all. Sweet site!

  4. My life dream has been to one day have a treeboathouse.

  5. […] even understand. Aside from living in a tree house (see my post on how I Want To Live In a Tree Boat House – yes I made it up), living in boulders is pretty much my wet dream. I’ve loved rocks since I can remember,  I […]

  6. I am looking for ideas to build a boat treehouse for my sons. I think you’ll like this: https://findery.com/parksandrec/notes/boat-tree-house.
    Best boat treehouse I’ve seen yet. Built by a mariner, of course.

    • lunasealife said

      Your timing is AMAZING – I was JUST talking to someone while I was hiking a few hours ago about putting boats in trees….. Thank you!!!

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