Can we add another day to the week? Please please please?

June 22, 2010

We can put it between Saturday and Sunday, and call it Soonerday. Or whatever, I don’t care, I just really need another day.

Where do the 7 days I currently have go? I’ve got my day job. I exercise and meditate daily. I have awesome conversations with my roommates and spend time with friends. I read. I go hiking, to yoga, to farmer’s markets. I go to therapy. I hunt for good music and good restaurants. I’m taking Brian Johnson’s Optimal Living Class. I take Cathy Heller’s Mindfulness Class. I go to see some live music or out dancing at least once per week. I mess around on the internet (working on cutting that down – at least the unproductive stuff). I try to post on this blog regularly. I’m trying to squeeze in time to make jewelry for my jewelry business. AND I’ve got three side projects right now. Here they are: – Project of love I’ve been working on for a year that will be in beta testing shortly. – An awesome, silly site I co-created. Born from our merciless teasing of our friend Ricardo’s mustache, which has now taken on its own persona. It’s turning in to a Muvement. If you’d like to be Mustache Approved, email an appropriately fun and classy photo to We’ll also be starting a food blog soon, probably branched off of this site. – A blog on Friendship and Love that my “anonymous” best friend K and I will be writing together. Site will be up soon if it’s not when you go there.

I’m glad I have a lot of energy.


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