Why do I do the things that I know ain’t right?

June 10, 2010

Song of the day: Tyler James – Why Do I Do

Great voice, great lyrics, fun bouncy bumpy circus sound. Found this song on a random “House Mix” in my iTunes; no idea who did it (maybe Mes?) but there’s a remix out there that sounds awesome on the dance floor too!

“Why do I do I get on the same old ride?
Why do I do the things that I know ain’t right?
Why do I do I trip on the same old lines?
Why do I do that to myself, oh why?”

Good questions to ask oneself…on a daily basis. 😉

That lovable fatty the Buddha said:
“When you realize that something
is unwholesome and bad for you, give it up.
And when you realize that something
is wholesome and good for you, do it.”

Simple, direct, easier said than done (especially since it’s the Buddha saying it). We find this so hard to follow because we were taught that we deserve to suffer, because we’re not good enough. So we trip ourselves on those same old lines. It’s also because we’re afraid of change, of our potential, and of possible failure if we DO get out of our own way. The paradox is that when you’re living an authentic life, with integrity, there is no failure.

Another (much thinner) wise man, Gandhi, said: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

Most unhappiness is caused by living out of integrity with yourself – making decisions that don’t gel with your beliefs, or with what you really want to do. Integrity – oneness, wholeness – ties into authenticity & honesty. You can only feel whole and complete if you’re authentic, the author of your life, and doing what resonates with your own personal truth.

So try to ask yourself these questions now and then, and get off the same old ride.


7 Responses to “Why do I do the things that I know ain’t right?”

  1. Tarah said

    i like it… i like it!
    i think i want to read some more about ghandi, i mean i know who he is, what he did..but do i really? that happiness quote is perfect, and i want more. but really, do i need more? it is the perfect truest thing.

  2. lunasealife said

    Glad you liked!!! 🙂

    Gandhi’s good stuff, but yeah, this quote of his is one of my all-time favorite reminders. Simple.

  3. Um, he’s HOT. He needs to come over this way so I can teach him some new lessons. Class is in session. 5 stars for his hot, creative ass!

    Oh, and lately I check in with my heart chakra for EVERYTHING. She does me so right (she’s a sexy beast). When I listen (I’m making it a habit), everything goes right. The end.

  4. If you’re not selfish enough to want to feel good, then you can’t connect with the energy that is your Source which does always feel good.

    — Abraham

  5. lunasealife said

    LOL China!!! LOVE YOU!

    I’m practicing that habit too! Check out today’s post, I think the Heart Chakra = Inner Authority/True Self/Supermind…Your heart has neurons around it!

  6. Did you watch that program I text you about: Quantum Communication? They say it’s scientifically proven that the heart is more powerful than the brain. We truly need to be run via the heart center. Modern living has us as intellectually run (brain) creatures. I think that’s why we are all c-c-crazy.

  7. lunasealife said

    Not yet! And I agree!

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