Trash, Chai, & Roses

May 28, 2010

I had a lovely morning!

I woke with the sun, did some stretches, did some collaging, and decided to walk over to Urth Cafe to treat myself to a Chai Latte (per my 30 day challenges, no caffeine, of course, and soy milk, no dairy). I walked out my back gate & saw a couple digging through the trash cans for bottles. Well, my roommate that just moved out had two big trash cans full of bottles, so I dragged those out & gave them to the couple! (Charlie, if you’re reading this, hope you’re not mad. But you’re in Hawaii & those peeps were diggin’ through trash cans, sooo…)

A few blocks later I had a nice connection with a woman who was admiring my Vibrams. Turns out she’s a ballerina & said she wants to get a pair, so I told her they’re selling them at REI now. I read somewhere that having brief conversations with strangers does as much to boost your happiness as talking with someone you know.

I smiled at everyone I saw this morning & tipped the lady at Urth. I stopped to smell lots of roses, even if people were driving by and I thought they’d think I was silly. I was walking by some trash on the ground from Jack In the Box & as I walked past a thought popped up in my head: “I should pick that up.” Usually I’d keep going but there was an alley with trash cans right there, so I turned around and picked the trash up & threw it away.

I’m trying to live with integrity. I’m trying to do what my impulses say (“Smell that rose! Pick up that trash!”) even though, every time that voice pipes up, another voice pipes up a half a second later that says, “No, don’t do that, it’s a waste of time, you’re busy, you’ll be late to work, people will think you’re silly, people will judge you, people will think you’re a stop-and-smell-the-roses cliche, you should be doing something constructive like exercising, why didn’t you do yoga this morning, why did you waste money on the chai latte… etc etc etc.

I was listening to Philosopher’s Notes as I walked & Brian read two quotes by Rev. Michael Beckwith that totally resonated with me:

“Consciously circulate life energy in the world, which means expressing kindness, encouragement, compassion, and sharing your financial resources.” (the past few months I’ve been trying to tip more than usual!)


“The choice is yours: to remain under the tyranny of trends, or do the inner work necessary to enter the consciousness of beholding your authentic self.”

Before work I even had time for a 30 minute meditation and some writing. I love my life!


3 Responses to “Trash, Chai, & Roses”

  1. Dillon Padgette said

    Ah Luna, you are such an awesome, beautiful woman! I love you, and love that you wrote this today. Im in a huge transition right now, feeling right along side you with this. I have the silly voices too, but getting in the flow/vortex/circulating that energy feels and moves my mood, and my mindset.. and the easy and simple joy it brings, and my openness and reception is more valuable to me! To read this, is for me reading, a beautiful, deeply self resonant reminder, and reflection… so close to how I feel. I love you for it! Thank you 🙂 big smiles and hugs.

  2. erika said

    I LOVE YOU and the LIFE THAT YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE!! (that is a YOGA practice!!)

    xoxo YOU are a SUPERSTAR!!

    • lunasealife said

      Thanks love. Did you know you’ve been a huge source of inspiration for me back in the day? I didn’t really have any other spiritual friends back in 2007. 😉

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