Oil Disaster and Frog March: Related?

May 27, 2010

The oil spill. Er, gush.

I think it’s great!!!

Obviously we, as humans, often need to be smacked upside the head, and out of our comfort zones, to figure out what’s best for us, or what’s most important in life, or where we need to make changes (and all three are usually related).

So, I think the oil spill is a wonderful thing. Of course it’s horrible too, and there’s going to be huge and long-lasting side effects to this. Every positive thing (gas = convenience, cars, plastics etc etc) has its equal and opposite negative (pollution, wars, environmental destruction). We’ve had other massive oil spills that destroyed tons of wildlife; did that change our consumption habits? Maybe it started to, a little. But obviously, we still needed another shove. Prior to this our government had started opening up the possibility of new drilling, not just in the ocean but in other areas of our country. That’s all been shut down for now. And with this catastrophe, let’s hope that going forward, the government has a closer watch on what these companies are doing (or aren’t doing) to protect humans from the fallout of these disasters.

Another thought I’ve been pondering about this: I heard about finger pointing, passing the buck, Obama getting mad at the executives & officials for not stepping up and taking responsibility.

But it’s pretty obvious to me who’s responsible.

I am.

You are.

Every person who drives a car in this country is responsible. Every person who uses plastic bags and water bottles. Every person who uses shampoo with parabens in them. We’re all responsible for this icky sludgy tarry oily mess. But I don’t think I’ve heard anyone point that out.

On a lighter and completely unrelated note, I read that thousands of tiny frogs have shut down highways in Greece.

Frogs Freeze Freeways

Millions of frogs formed a “carpet” that covered the roadways and caused a few cars to skid out of control (noooo don’t smush the froggies!!!) before the Greek gov’t closed the roads.

Was it an organized protest? Maybe these amphibians were mobilizing in support of their maritime cousins, to voice their froggy discontent at how aqueous creatures are being slaughtered while BP thinks about throwing golf balls and tires into the geyser of death.


One Response to “Oil Disaster and Frog March: Related?”

  1. Shelli Stapp said

    Im glad someone finally mentioned the oil disaster. I spoke with my mom about it last night. She told me there is not much about it on the local news. I have been seeing incredible video all over the world news stations here in Europe. Its really bad. Im talking 5 weeks of thick crude oil spewing into the ocean. The Exxon spill was 11 million gallons. It is estimated so far that an upward of 19 million gallons conservatively has been released from the broken oil well. I cant beleive it has been going on for 5 weeks. Heavy and continuous.

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