Friction vs Momentum

May 25, 2010

“The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.”
~Frances E. Willard

What points of friction do you have in your life? Certain relationships? Bad habits that you want to shake but haven’t made the commitment to change yet? Nagging projects like organizing your closet? Things on your mind that you want to say to someone but haven’t worked up the courage to yet? Major life changes that you’re afraid to make?

Can you tell this is MY list?? LOL

I’m doing pretty good on the bad habits – still doing all of my challenges: no caffeine/alcohol/intoxicants/refined sugar/processed food. I did have some Truffle French Fries on Sunday. 🙂 They were damn tasty. But all of the pears/dates/apples/almonds/kale/yams/pesto/chicken/rice/swiss chard/asparagus/artichokes I’ve been eating have been damn tasty too. AND I feel amazing. I remember what I used to feel like after eating In-n-Out…or after a night of binge drinking. Bleh.

Relationships are solid right now too. I’m so incredibly grateful for 15 or so people that I can call my CLOSE friends…how did I get so lucky?! You all inspire me every day.

The organizing the closet one is driving me nuts. AND the garage…but between work & side projects & writing this blog every day & trying to do yoga 3 days a week & eating healthy (ie cooking & shopping at farmer’s markets) & reading books & spending QT with friends…I don’t have much time left for organizing. Also my jewelry biz & harmonica playing are on hold for now (though I do occasionally play harmonica while I’m driving. I know driving & texting is bad, but I don’t have to look at my harmonica, so that’s ok right?!? ;P).

Hmm as far as saying something, there’s nothing pressing on my mind right now, but that’s something I’ve frequently struggled with in the past. I don’t like being vulnerable or honest about my emotions when I feel like they’re messy ones.

Major life changes: I’m kind of in the process of making those right now – many people have reacted with shock to my no alcohol/caffeine/sugar challenges. And that’s what all the other challenges are for too. Experimenting, practicing major life changes, knowing that I can do these smaller ones so the bigger ones will be easier. Less friction, more momentum.

I’ve spent the last seven months clarifying what I want out of life. This makes it a lot easier to remove (or at least tone down) points of friction. Most of my friction is self-created anyways. Ok, maybe all of it. Regardless, I’m gaining momentum! It’s scary and exhilarating. I just wish I had more time to squeeze in all of the stuff I want to do. But I suppose it’ll all work itself out if I just go with the flow while keeping focus on where I want to go. Let it go, let it flow! Flowing is all momentum, no friction!


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