Missed a day…and a weekend.

May 9, 2010

I failed to post a blog yesterday! Damn. I was just having too much fun with my BFF in New Mexico. It really was a spectacular, spectacular vacation (“no words in the vernacular”… name that movie reference!). Even when things didn’t seem to be going our way (La Choza refused to serve us on TWO SEPARATE OCCASIONS – that teasing bitch only let us have dessert…but it was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had in my life), it ended up working out in our favor… Of course. (This was also true of the Bell Tower Bar being closed = us finding another bar & sitting next to the only two Italian guys in the state of New Mexico one of which happens to be a famous MTV Italia VJ; and my iPod clock being off an hour = going to Body instead of Yogasource & having an amazing yoga class within walking distance of the hotel and getting some kick-ass souvenirs).

I’ll write a fully detailed blog about our trip – with pictures! Now it’s time for getting some good sleep in MY bed. I love hotels but really…there’s nothing like your own bed.

Oh, also, I totally cheated this weekend since I was on vacation – ate processed foods and cheese (which TOTALLY messed up my digestive system for a day), had a few drinks, and one cup of coffee. And lots of sugar. Back on the horse tomorrow!


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