The Pagan Star Sisters’ New Mexico Road Show.

May 7, 2010

Technically this blog post is for May 7th. It’s 1am but I’ll count this as Friday night. I’ve been traveling for most of the day & forgot to keep up on my every-day posting – I think I’m on day 8?

My BFF, Katy, and I are in an uber-cute adobe-style hotel in Taos, New Mexico. Tomorrow we are getting up early to see the famed and oft-photographed Taos Pueblo, those building-block- looking 1,000 year old indigenous structures. I’ve got my new Lumix camera ready and am hoping for good light. After that we are Lunching with Llamas! And the taking the scenic route back down to Santa Fe. Gotta get to bed as it’s already 1am & we’ll be rising over the rocky hills with the sun. I’m assuming there are rocky hills up here, but I’m not sure yet since it’s tar black outside. More manana!


2 Responses to “The Pagan Star Sisters’ New Mexico Road Show.”

  1. Katy Frank said

    Tomorrow we will hopefully have breakfast delivered through our secret window and climb in trees. I’m going to dream about jackalope!

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