The second day of the Eating Challenge is already challenging…

May 4, 2010

It’s fairly easy to eat a strict diet when you’re at home. Going out is more challenging, and going out in a work situation is even worse. I’m doing a road trip with the CEO & President of our company up to San Francisco for the day. I hate seeming like a prissy, health-nut, weight-conscious girly girl. I’ve always rebelled against that stereotype by eating huge bacon & guacamole cheeseburgers. And now that I think about it, I’ve been been told by a number of men that they love how much I love food. Anyways, I digress. For my bosses, I was at least able to show them my psoriasis flare-up & point to that as my reason for eating healthy (which it is).

We stopped at a place in the middle of the nothingness between LA & SF called Harris Ranch. You can probably garner from the name that it’s not exactly health food. Actually, the ONLY thing on the menu that fit into my Ayurvedic diet was Carrot Juice. So I got that. I also ordered oatmeal. Oatmeal isn’t great for me, since it causes mucus & I used to have those sinusitis problems. I’m trying not to eat any sugar at all, so I didn’t put the brown sugar on my oatmeal. And who knows if the carrot juice had sugar in it. It probably did. My boss got biscuits that she didn’t eat. At a place called Harris Ranch, I bet they were good.

Overall, it wasn’t bad. Oatmeal’s a little boring but once they had their Almond Pancakes & Omelette, they didn’t really care what I was eating. Some people think I’m crazy or sadistic doing these challenges. But I just like exercising my power of choice.


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