Autism – Not enough love? Not enough sunshine? Too many chemicals? All of the above?

April 29, 2010

Saw an article this morning stating that “a new study suggests oxytocin can help mildly autistic children and adults socialize more easily.” Oxytocin is produced naturally in the bodies of mothers and children from things like affectionate touch and breastfeeding.

So…could this be interpreted to mean that autistic children didn’t get enough love/attention/bonding immediately after birth? Not enough attachment time, skin-to-skin contact, breast feeding, mirroring, all of which produce oxytocin? Maybe the rise in autism is linked to working moms/lack of proper family support? In addition to other factors – chemicals & lack of vitamin D? It’s worth being discussed, anyways.

It’s difficult with science to know what is causal and what is simply correlational. In Sweden, scientists found a link between vinyl flooring and autism. Do the chemicals – phthalates, which I believe are dangerous and will be the topic of a whole ‘nother blog – released by vinyl flooring CAUSE autism, or is it that typically, people in lower socioeconomic statuses tend to have vinyl flooring, and those mothers need to go back to work soon after birth, so the mother and child don’t have enough time to bond, resulting in a lack of oxytocin production that is required for the child’s brain to develop properly?

Another link found by the Swedes is between Vitamin D and autism. With the increased emphasis on sunscreen over the past 20 years, Vitamin D deficiencies have risen, especially in the US. And actually, according to some, Vitamin D deficiency is more dangerous than skin cancer, since skin cancer actually isn’t usually fatal. Over 20 studies on animals and humans showed that Vitamin D is essential for brain development in children; it’s also important for immune system functioning in adults. People only need 10 minutes of unprotected sun exposure per day to produce all the Vitamin D their body needs – FOR FREE. But I digress.

I don’t personally know any children with autism, and I’m not implying that mothers with autistic children are bad mothers.  But obviously something that we’re doing – or not doing – is causing rising rates of autism. Perhaps a combination of all three forms a perfect situation for autism to arise.

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