Whatcha gonna do tonight?

May 19, 2008

As I was finishing up at work this Monday evening, someone asked me, “So…what are you gonna do tonight?” And I started running through my options. The infinite, unending list of options. I have at least 25 things that I could do at my apartment or within walking distance: Finish (ok, START) that wall mirror-mosaic project I planned when I moved into my apartment a year and 10 months ago. Do some scrapbooking (all those scrapbooking supplies–also untouched for years). Make some jewelry. Catch up on my Oprah magazines, or continue one of the 3 books I’m currently reading (one thing I can say is that I have never left a book unfinished!). Do laundry. Wash my car. Clean my bathroom (looong overdue). Put the screws back into my “dining room” stools (One by one, almost all of the screws have fallen out of the self-assembled stools. I think they each have one screw left holding the things together. I just know that some day soon I will go to sit down to eat my breakfast of toast and I will end up on my ass on the floor). Respond to snail-mail Circle Journals sent by friends. Organize and Photoshop pictures on my laptop. Ditto for my growing music collection. Continue to upload the 500+ cds I own onto said laptop so I can put them on my Ipod & actually listen to them. Minimalize–get rid of all that clothing I don’t wear anymore but can’t seem to let go of. Go through the piles and boxes of papers and unsorted knick-knacks that never seem to diminish. Organize my bills and figure out which ones to pay first once my paycheck finally clears. Listen to old This American Life episodes online. Walk over to Barnes & Noble at the Grove and grab about 6 books that look interesting and browse through them in the café over a mocha. Send friends Myspace comments. Text a few of my favorite people who either live in my immediate neighborhood or that I haven’t seen in awhile to see if they want to grab a drink and a chat. Clean out my toaster oven. Throw away the rotting vegetables that are in my fridge. Hunt for music online. Figure out where I can go dancing to House music on a Monday for free. Drink a beer and stream “The Office” episodes off of Netflix. Dig an interesting recipe out of my “Stuff I Like” file and try to cook it. Walk around the Tarpits. Go to the gym to take that Hip Hop class I’ve been wondering about for a year. Sit through that “How to Make a Budget” cd. Actually make a budget. Read articles on sciencedaily.com. Read myspace blogs. Watch Eckhart Tolle videos online. Nap. Go see a foreign film at the $3 theater. Go walk around LACMA (free after 5pm!). Do some lunges. Put away my clothes. Tear pictures out of magazines for my Vision Board. Visualize the stuff I want to happen happening in my life. Look up Villas to rent in Italy in May 2009. Text my mom. Burn cds for my friends. Talk on the phone for 2 hours with my lover. Sketch. Search online for some good dancing tops. Attempt to meditate for more than 1 minute.

And there are more. What I ended up doing was catching up with girlfriends over the phone for about an hour & a half, making an apple & spinach salad, having a beer, reading some myspace blogs, watching an Eckhart Tolle video. I think I’ll work on an Oprah mag before bed.

I also realized tonight that I can’t remember the last time I was bored…


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