I’m Blogging!

April 15, 2008

Inspired by my two closest friends Katy & Gdawg, I’ve decided to start blogging! I’ve done it occassionally on Myspace but I think it’d be good to have a dedicated space for writing. And I’ve been having some amazing things happening in my life that I want to document & share. I’m following a friend’s advice on “How To Become A Writer:”

Step One:



So there it is.

Also just want to explain where the name comes from–LunaSea is the name of a store I saw in San Francisco a few years ago while trying to come up with a suitable name for my jewelry company (I’d been considering something involving frogs or treehouses prior to this flash of brilliance). LunaSea is a play on the word “Lunacy”:


1 a: insanity   b: intermittent insanity once believed to be related to phases of the moon
2: wild foolishness : extravagant folly
3: a foolish act

“Extravagant Folly” sounds like a hell of a lot of fun to me.

Luna is Italian for Moon; I love the moon & strongly believe in its effects on not only our planet (tides) but on people, especially women. And, of course, I love the sea/ocean (my experience with the sea in Italy was nice, but less exciting than the ocean here in California. But I still love it).

So, it is LunaSea Life (mine), not Luna SeaLife (starfish).

Sidenote: Runner up to LunaSea as super-cool name is the name Katy & I came up with back in 2002 for our travel website, DiversionExcursion…don’t steal it!

I look forward to sharing with you! I’m planning on using this as a sort of diary; sharing interesting quotes & articles; reviewing restaurants, etc. I’d love feedback from YOU!
Love love love.

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